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Affiliate Collaboration

Earn while you refer NG Products to your friends/family/followers

Not just you get a commission, but even your friends/family/followers get a discount! To know more, Apply to become an affiliate

Eg. Instagram, Whatsapp, etc
Whichever platform you are going to use the most, User ID of same


How does this work?

Once you fill in the form to become an affiliate partner, our team will get in touch with you and onboard you as an affiliate partner. Once you are onboarded, you will get your own custom coupon code which when shared with your network, they will get a discount and you will be gathering commission on same. Everytime your coupon is used, you will get a mail regarding same

How much commission will i earn?

Once you get in touch with us, our team will be sharing the numbers with you, but trust us, it’s totally worth the effort! 😉

Will I get custom marketing material from your end?

Yes, we will provide you with posters & creatives with your ID & Coupon Codes on it from time to time so you can promote them accordingly

When will i be getting my payments?

Holding money does no good to anyone! We will be settling your account at the end of every month, such a sweet time to get the money hit your bank!

What if i am not able to generate any commission sales?

All good things take time! We’ve got you covered for 45 days! But everyone has a boss to report to right? After that, unfortunately we will have to deactivate the coupon code

Any payment required to become an affiliate?

Nope! It’s all free!

For which all products is it applicable?

We are offering this for all our products right now, however you can choose to opt out of certain category if you wish

Can we run google / Facebook ads?


What if the customer returns?

We all hate it when our customer doesn’t like the product! So should you as we unfortunately wont be able to proceed with the commission if the customer returns the product or cancels the order, you will receive a mail with the update on same too!

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