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11 reviews for EarSafe Open Ear Bluetooth Headphones

  1. Akanksha

    Good product, Good Innovation

  2. Harsh Goyal

    Works great for me! You need to be clear on what is your use, i use it for gym and workout listening to podcast and works great, not recommended for calls

  3. Raghavendra Boralli

    The headphones work on the Air-conduction mechanism. They sound loud and clear. They are also bass rich, it’s not that it does not have any bass at all. They are comfortable to wear for long periods becuase they sit on the area just after ear and it allows air to pass through the ear.

    1. Lightweight and hence comfortable to wear for long periods.
    2. Good Battery life.
    3. Rich sound , both bass and trebles are nicely heard.
    4. Safe for ears during workouts, becuase we can hear the sound from outside environment.
    5. Allows air to passthrough while listening to music.

    1.Mic call quality could have been better, as some people complain they are hearing low voice.

    Overall Bang for the buck product.

  4. Bhushan

    I just want to say…Go for it .. undoubtedly..100% best quality during Cycling.. can’t go for ride without it..

  5. Dhananjay Singh

    It is very safe and not hurting the ears. We can put on ears for hrs without having a feel of it.

  6. Mee Mumbaikar

    I have used Aftershokz Trekz Titanuim before. And I know that while the bone conduction headphones are excellent due to the fact that they don’t sit on/in/around your ear, it has its own pitfalls. Such as

    1. It vibrates a bit on loud volume
    2. The calling feature isn’t effective

    This was my experience after using Aftershokz for almost a year. And it’s also not a cheap head/ear phone. Hence, I wanted to try a new one but didn’t want to spend a lot of money.

    After going through few options, I came across this brand. Though I did read that it’s good, but was relatively sure it will score poor in the calling department. Still, since it’s almost 1/3 rd price of Aftershokz, I took a chance. My reason of choosing bone conduction

    – It sits outside your ear
    – Possibility of infection and discomfort due to using in ear instruments is almost nil
    – It doesn’t give you the pain of using a on ear or around the ear headphones which can be bulky and painful
    – And I wasn’t looking for a super high quality sound out put

    So, my experience on this headphone is following

    – It’s very light and build quality is average. Unlike Aftershokz which has top quality build.
    – Its plastic quality is just average.
    – The buttons are are also of OK quality
    – It pairs well
    – The sound quality is good enough for your daily music and calling needs
    – I paired this with my laptop and did few calls. The feedback from the listeners has been good. No complains
    – But making a telephone call by pairing with mobile phone isn’t as good as any other in ear / on ear head phone. But surely manageable.
    – Since the headphone is super light, it becomes almost non-realisable that you are wearing something.
    – The touch button is also good and battery is damn good.
    – 1 star less above is purely due to the build quality of the instrument.

  7. Sohil Pithadiya

    It’s light, it’s comfortable. Nice sound. But not very good for talking on phone. Your voice will crack and break.

  8. Venkatarangan

    I am not comfortable with earphones or headphones that close your ears, I feel closed with the audio especially when I do calls to be reverberating inside. I prefer over the ear, open air headphones. Unfortunately, when it comes to Bluetooth earphones there are no models that have their backs open to let the outside air and audio to come in, so that your ears are not sealed. Luckily I found this one. The NG EarSafe feels light on the ears, the fit is comfortable. It places two tiny speakers next to your earlobes on the outside, with audio shot at your ear canals from the outside, without covering them. This ergonomics I like a lot. The Bluetooth range is good, works well with iPhone 12 Pro.

    The audio clarity for listening and voice calls clarity is average. When it comes to music the quality is poor, the speakers’ kind of vibrates, bass is poor too. When I do voice calls, the receiver’s complain of my voice being low and hollow – usable but not good. The price of nearly Rs 3999 is very high for what it delivers. Having said the above, the NG EarSafe though overpriced works for me as I use it for listening to podcast during my daily walks for which I enjoy listening to the outdoors.

  9. Ajay Shah

    incoming call voice is breaking and not clear , many time i have to switch to phone speaker
    not worth buying for calls

  10. Soma

    The working mechanism is very complicated. The functioning of buttons need to be simplified to a great extent. Sound quality is fine and comfortable fitting, but the complication in functioning takes the entire fun away. It just needs to be reworked totally.

  11. Jeff Redleene Dr

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