Top 5 TV Series to binge watch in Corona Virus Lockdown | Indian Web series | Quarantine Binge

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During this difficult time of corona virus and facing a nationwide lockdown, we all are dying to go out there again. But till things return to normalcy and we follow the social distancing rules, here is a list of some Amazingg top Indian TV series for your corona quaranbinge.

Rank 5: Hostel Daze (Comedy)

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IMDB 8.8 Rated, This is an amazing 2019 Flick by Amazon Prime, takes you back to your old hostel days, a total ENTERTAINER if you wanna reminiscence your hostel days

Rank 4: Special Ops (Action, Thriller)

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A IMDB 8.7 Rated thriller flick by none other than Neeraj Pandey by Hotstar is an edge of the seat thriller packed with action, based on a chase of a suspected terrorist believed to be the man behind all terrorist attacks, a 19 year long chase.

Rank 3: Asur (Crime, Thriller)

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This is a unique series by Voot which combines the 2 worlds of forensic science and mystic science thereby creating an interesting thriller flick. Rated 8.6 by IMDB . A must watch for a unique thriller experience

Rank 2: TVF Pitchers (Drama, Comedy)

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This will act as an entertainer as well as a motivation in these down and slummy times of corona. Packed with entertainment, love, friendship, human values, etc. IMDB 9.2 rated is a story of 4 friends aiming to startup and their journey regarding same. Catch it on TVF Play

Rank 1: The Family Man (Action, Drama)

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The Family Man by Amazon Prime hands down wins our ranking. IMDB 8.6 Rated is a story of a middle class man working for an intelligence agency who has to hide his work life from family along with taking care of nation and family. This series is full of Comedy moments fitting in naturally & action. Of course, how can we miss the acting by Manoj Bajpayee

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