TV Harmful effects | viewing effect on eyes

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LED TV stands for Light Emitting Diode Television. All the screens, be it mobile phones, computers, laptops, not only your LED TV’s, emit high energy value blue light.

This high energy, short wavelength blue light isn’t naturally filterable by our human lens due to its wavelength. This blue light hits our retina directly because of which it impacts our macular region

tv harmful effect eyes blue light

Because of this, there are multiple issues like Red Eyes, Headache, Cataract, Breast & Prostate Cancer, Sleep & Memory hormone disruption, etc.

This is the very reason elders tell us to not keep watching TV all day long or especially during night times.

However, we at NG have innovated on this very front as who doesn’t like binge watching?

We have made LED TV Safe for the eyes! Our Patented BlueFilm Technology filters out 90% of this HEV Blue Light & 100% of the UV light to make the TV harmless for your eyes.

So now you can work from home without harming your eyes or play games, or go on that binge watching spree!

Check us out!

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