Xiaomi LED TV MI Review | 9 Reasons to NOT buy MI Smart LED TV

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As we know, MI has cornered a huge share of our hearts whether it comes to MI Smartphones, MI Smart Watches,MI Earphones and now, MI Smart LED TV’s

While they have managed to corner a good market share by providing products at competitive prices and reaching us directly via online portals, but you must consider these points before buying a MI Smart TV:

Being in the LED TV Industry since the CRT Technology, we have seen all the transitions of technologies from CRT to Flat Screen to LCD to Plasma to LED and also seen fall of 3D TV and Curved TV’s

Hence, From our experience base and 1st hand reviews from some of the customers, here are few issues we found with MI LED Smart TV’s which you must consider before making a purchase. While everyone will talk about Pros, here is a list of few Cons we found:

  1. No MUTE Button on the Remote!

There are lot of problems we faced with this remote, even though they did a good work by trying to make it simple and sleek, few core functionalities have been removed which makes the remote too confusing. Biggest of all, needed by most indian households? MUTE Button

2. No LABELS on Remote!

There are also no labels on the MI TV remote with just ‘+’ & ‘-‘ which makes it unclear whether that is for channel or volume

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3. No dedicated YouTube button

There is no dedicated YouTube button on this MI TV Remote which is by far the most used app by Smart TV owners in india

4. Changing Source Everytime!

This seems to be an issue because guys at MI thought that Smart TV will be used most for the online content consumption. However, India is still majorly driven by consuming content on our Tata Sky or Airtel Digitals and everytime you switch on the MI TV, you need to change the source to HDMI as it opens by default on their patchwall OS and surprisingly, there is no memory resume function. I mean, seriously MI?

5. Harmful Blue Light emissions

While this isn’t true only for MI LED TV, but all brands of LED TV like Sony, Samsung, LG, VU, TCL, Toshiba or the new comers like Kodak, Thomson, iFFalcon, etc, all these LED TV’s emit harmful blue light radiations which are high energy, low wavelength radiations hitting our retina directly and hence causing various macular issues like red eyes, irritation, headache, cataract, etc. thereby not being safe for kids too.

There is only 1 LED TV in market solving this issue, NG’s EyeSafe LED TV which is India’s 1st TV that doesn’t harm your eyes because of its BlueFilm Technology

6. Heating Up

We all know this well and have heard from lot of people that MI Products are known for heating up and that stands true with their Smart TV range also. On prolonged use, the TV heats up and this heating up causes lot of internal issues to hardware which might lead to spoilage in future

7. MI Patchwall OS full of bugs, Hangs up & Crashes!

As MI is famously known for developing its own OS for all its product ranges, they themselves believe they are a software company first and a hardware company later. This worked in their smartphone foray because of their past experience but things don’t work same for both the devices! Their Patchwall OS for MI LED TV’s is full of bugs and keeps hanging in between for no good reason. I think we need to give them some time for developing the OS fully

8. Installing New apps via USB as play store not present

Worst part I personally found for this MI LED TV is that you can’t download apps directly because there simply is NO PLAY STORE! Or any app store for that matter, you have to download the app’s apk online, put in the USB drive, and install it manually in your Smart TV. Too much of a hassle if you ask me!

9. 55” Screen bends

Remember the same issue iPhone faced when they mistakenly developed too thin an iPhone? The phone started bending! And we have seen multiple same complaints by 55 inch MI LED TV buyers of the screen actually bending! We didn’t order for a curved TV! Did we?

Hence, all points put together, it actually depends on you if you are fine with these cons list or not, nowadays there are multiple brands available and all brands have nearly the same quality as there are just handful of factories which manufacture LED TV’s for most of the brands. Hence, I would consider you to think of all aspects and go ahead with your choice

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